About Us

İZOBOR PIPE started its activities in 2005 with new breath and excitement as a partnership of three young engineers who combined their experience in project, sales and production in the sector.

Although it first started to work by providing project and consultancy services in the energy, greenhouse and industrial steam lines works of Turkey's big and popular companies and developed OSB, it started to manufacture insulated pipes and fittings in 2006 in order to produce more efficient and suitable solutions.

By providing free project services at the initial stage of the works, it has ensured that the works are completed with optimum investment cost and material use after the needs are well determined and the necessary diagnosis is made.

Although it has tried to make investments by following the giant companies of the sector in the world in manufacturing, making efforts to produce the same technology and products in our country, it has always experienced the inability to realize these investments due to the limited demand in the country and the disadvantage of transportation for export.

İZOBOR PIPE has never left the responsibility and moral ethics given by its engineering mission, and has always been the leading company of the sector, which has always completed its process with appreciation and thanks, with the motto of always leaving production as good and quality input, good and quality product.