Marine Industry


  • Effective protection of service pipe against corrosion ( 100% water resistant )
  • operation range of -200 0C / +315 0C
  • Free servicing
  • Maximum protection against environmental effects
  • Long life
  • Minimimum heat loss

In the marine industry, the deck and the containers of ships carrying LPG, LNG, NH3 and crude oil are exposed to open air, and suffer from wind, salted water, and change of outside temperature. Due to these reasons, damages from environmental factors in the piping on the deck of ships were encountered and thus pre-insulated pipes were developed as an alternative.

Optimum solutions are produced by the professional engineering staff to your problems with the piping system as soon as your demand is received by our firm. Depending on the fluid temperature and its properties, isolation design is made following detailed calculations and evaluations.

While the pipe isolation can be fabricated, applications can also be performed on deck by our experienced staff where piping construction is finished.