Industrial type pre-insulated pipe is composed of four main materials. The inner “service pipe” is generally a seamless pipe depending on the fluid to be transferred, the middle layer is isolation material glass wool and (PUR) and the outer covering pipe is a high density polyethylene material.

Industrial type pre-insulated pipe

Steel: ST 35.8 I quality seamless ( drawing ) pipe

PUR: Rigid poliuretan , density > 60 kg/m3

Glass Wool: Industrial type , aluminum foiled prefabricated , fire resistant, density 110-140 kg/m3

HDPE: UV resistant , black , high density , polyethylene , density > 940 kg/m3

Properties of pre-insulated pipe

  • Long life
  • Less heat loss compared to conventional isolation systems ( 40% energy saving )
  • Can be burried in the ground
  • Reduces consruction cost.
  • %100 water resistant system
  • Homogen and Equially distributed isolation on every point.
  • Durable against chemical and sunlight
  • Available combining parts.
  • Manufacturing in accordance with standards.