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Greenhouse Heating

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Why should we use pre-insulated bonded pipes in our systems?

    Pre insulated pipes:

  • have long life time. (According to TS EN 253 minimum 30 years)
  • reduces heat losses. (The pipe system includes the best insulation material in the world. PUR: 0.028 W/mK)
  • reduces the cost of construction.
  • reduces using compensators. (The expansion in the pipe system reduces because of soil load and friction between casing pipe and soil.)
  • have homongenous insulation thickness in all along the line
  • have %40 energy saving compare with the pipes insulated traditionally.
  • have no operational cost.
  • are waterproof.
  • does not need cathodic protection
  • does not occur any thermal bridge.
  • has resistance to chemicals and direct sun light.
  • are fully compatible with pipe system.

Pre-insulated Bonded Pipes and Fittings

The pre-insulated pipes which are known as geothermal pipes and packet pipes in the market :

Having Operation Range from - 200 °C to + 315 °C

  • District heating & cooling
  • Cogeneration
  • Underground and over ground steam transfer
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Greenhouse Heating
  • Marine Industry
  • Liquidified Gases (LNG,LPG etc..)
  • Fresh water against frost, fire piping
  • In the transfer of hot oil, pressurized air, crude oil and all chemical fluids

Are used for minimizing the heat losses