Petroleum & Gas

In order to increase the efficiency of petroleum and gas pipelines, Izobor provides assistance in the investment process, also in the assembling processes and in selection and transportation and the testing of the system and materials. Pipes can be manufactured having the desired length up to 12 meters also for the lengths DN15 to DN1200.

Fields of Application

  • Crude petrol .
  • Liquidified gases LNG , LEG , LPG vb. (from -200 °C'to -20 °C)
  • Temperature range for standard type; from-20 °C to +120 °C.
  • HT / HP lines .

Advantages of the system

  • Can be burried in the ground
  • Ease of design and assembly.
  • No need for maintenance.
  • No need for cathodic protection .
  • Leakage watching system can be installed.
  • Long lige (Min 30 years according to TS EN 253)

Advantages of the product

  • Typical heat conduction coefficient (U-value) is 0.5 Wm/K at main lines, and 0.3-2.0 Wm/K at terminal lines.
  • Optimal isolation .
  • 100% water resistant HDPE cover .
  • Cover durable against chemicals, UV lights and impacts.
  • Effective protection of service pipe against external corrosion.
  • Availability of electricity or steam tracing line if required.